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French Bull dog


Had the day off from work today and decided to paint but not my usual portrait. I love French bull dogs and especially love a dog that can pull of a pair of glasses :D.

This painting was done with acrylic paints and painted on to a stretched canvas. It not as large as my other paintings but I still love it. What are your thoughts everyone?


Mad Max




DSC_0875 -1

All finished. This one took a while to complete because I wasn’t happy with her face but a bit of tweaking go’s along way. Love the colours in this painting. The stencil was done with a sponge to give it texture. The original is now for sale and there are also prints available from Please take a look guys and let me know what you think. Im always looking for ideas on what to paint as well.

Mad Max



So I have begun  a new project. I love the new Mad Max that was released a couple of years ago. After painting a portrait of Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders I asked my friends who I should paint next and one suggested Tom Hardy. I didn’t just want to paint him as Tom because I like how actors appear in costume as it makes them more dramatic and bold.DSC_0869

I will reveal the finished article in my next blog. Stay posted guys. Prints are available of my work from I will also be selling the originals. Send me a message if your interested.

Cillian Murphy Portrait Completed



Just finished painting Cillian Murphy dressed in his Peaky Blinders Costume. Its the quickest painting I have done yet taking me just three days to complete. Painted in acrylic with brush’s and a washing up sponge. I would love to sell my work but wouldn’t know where to start. The art world is so vast it is hard to get noticed but I will continue to try and will continue to take you all on this journey with me.

After watching portrait artist of the year they prefer the artists not to sign their work as it detracts from the art. Not sure I agree but I am still unsure weather or not to leave my mark on my paintings.

My next challenge is to decide who to paint next. I have a fresh canvas awaiting my paint brush so I best get my thinking cap on.